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Custom Orthotics

Here at Four Winds Chiropractic, we believe the feet are the foundation of the body. If your feet are not healthy, it is likely that you are suffering from other alignment issues as a result. Our practice proudly provides custom orthotics to ensure utmost comfort, and even more importantly, encourage lasting adjustments.

Why Custom Orthotics?

Bare feetWe want to make sure that each of your chiropractic adjustments lasts as long as possible. To do this, we must focus on all aspects of bodily health, starting with the feet. All too often, patients come back to see us in the same pain they were in prior to their previous appointment. Their adjustments are not holding as they should, and we know where the problem lies—in their feet.

Although often overlooked, your feet are constantly under a great deal of pressure. As they are responsible for holding up the rest of your body, it is imperative that they have the support they need to carry you through your daily activities. Without proper support, your foundation is off, which means the rest of your body is, as well.

Our custom orthotic services are sure to give your feet the cushioning they require to perform at their best. When your feet are functioning optimally, other parts of your body, including the pelvis, back, neck, and more can as well.

Types of Care

Four Winds Chiropractic offers two forms of custom orthotics, Birkenstock and Foot Levelers. Generally, we start care with Birkenstock orthotics, which are made out of cork and fit seamlessly underneath the lining of the shoe. If we find that Birkenstock orthotics are not producing ideal results, we recommend transitioning to Foot Levelers ones. Unlike Birkenstock orthotics, Foot Levelers rely on a 19-point foot scan that individualizes care on an even deeper level, entirely replacing the lining of the shoe.

Feet First

Most people are unaware that the feet have three different arches. Unfortunately, most orthotics scanners only observe the medial arch. Our orthotics are much more precise, thoroughly measuring the feet to guarantee a fit that is right for you. Our practice is committed to providing you with whole health.

Take That First Step Today

Are you eager to learn whether or not you could benefit from custom orthotics? We are glad to answer any questions you might have for us. Contact us today!

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